Wednesday, May 1, 2019

University of Kingston number one in the world for MBA graduate start-ups

Kingston University Business School has finished top of a global table for producing the highest proportion of MBA graduates to have launched their own companies.

The figures, published by Top, found Kingston Business School's MBA graduates to be the most entrepreneurial in the world with 33 per cent starting up their own ventures.

Dean of Kingston Business School, Professor Ron Tuninga, said "Entrepreneurship is in our DNA – we aim to instil an entrepreneurial mind-set in all students from when they come in the door as first year undergraduates right up to the day they achieve their degrees and diplomas."

“My son’s father is a fraud, he does Yahoo” – Tonto Dikeh shocks many as she reveals she caught Churchill red-handed in a red cloth around his waist, with red candles

In an explosive interview, Nollywood actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh has given the narrative of how she caught her estranged husband and father of her child, red-handed indulging in fraudulent activities.

When the actress was asked When you say your ex-husband is a fraud, what do you mean?, she goes on to clarify by saying “419, Yahoo, you know, you go online, you dupe white women”.

She then continues by saying she’s not proud that that is the father of her son but the kinda mother she is, is not one who’d hide things from her child.

Tonto Dikeh then shockingly reveals the moment she caught her estranged husband red-handed indulging in what seems to be a ritual scene while engaging in his Yahoo Yahoo.

She said,

I caught him in the middle of a red candle, with laptop on his laps and a red pant, red cloth tied around his waist

Watch a part from the explosive interview below,

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Cambridge and Oxford have been named as the most reputable universities in the UK by leading academics after the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2018 were published.

The Oxbridge pair both finished in the top five, with a total of nine UK universities finishing in the top 100, including University College London (18th), Imperial College London (20th), and the London School of Economics (25th) in the top 25

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