Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Scholarship applications open at Norwich University of the Arts

Norwich University of the Arts are inviting outstanding students to apply for a range of merit-based scholarships for September 2018 entry.

Scholarships at Norwich
International Student Scholarship
Global, undergraduate only
International Student Scholarship
Global, undergraduate or postgraduate
US Student Scholarship
US candidates, undergraduate or postgraduate
South Korean Student Scholarship
Korean candidates, undergraduate or postgraduate

Regina Daniels looking ‘sad’ at her traditional wedding to Ned Nwoko

Photos from Regina Daniels’ surfaced on the internet, and many folks on social media are of the opinion that the Actress was looking sad throughout the occasion.

Multiple reports also claim that the actress was in ‘tears’ and looked sad for most part of the wedding. Her mum was however visibly overjoyed.

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UK-based International Student Scholarship

UK-based candidates, undergraduate or postgraduate

Scholarships are awarded on the strength of applicant portfolios and interviews as determined by course staff at the time of interview. To be eligible, students must have overseas fee status and join NUA on three and four year programmes or a postgraduate courses.

Do you want to apply to study at Norwich University of the Arts? If so, arrange your free consultation today!

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