Monday, April 15, 2019

Top ten most health-conscious UK universities revealed

The University of Nottingham has been named the most health-conscious university in the UK following the release of a new study this week.

Nottingham, which was named Sports University of the Year in the 2019 The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide, was found to be the best university in the UK by offering cheap gym membership, regular mindfulness programmes and events to empower students with the tools for the best mental wellbeing.

The top three of the study, which was conducted by MyStudentHalls, was rounded off by the University of Edinburgh, who have some of the best facilities in the UK for student wellbeing, and the University of York, which offers a dedicated yoga society.

Before you ask a girl out, make money, buy Benz and iPhone – Slay Queen tells guys

A young Nigerian girl has taken to social media to advise guys who are looking for a lady to go into a romantic relationship with on what to do before they go asking ladies out. 

According to the slay queen, guys should go work hard and make money so that they can buy a Benz and iPhone before they toast a girl. The slay queen revealed this in a video she shared on Instagram where she also wondered why guys go about begging girls for relationship when that precious time could be I tested on hustling. 

She said: “To guys that are expecting ladies to stand with them in times of poverty, I don’t roll with poor guys, please guys, before you toast any girl go and make money, If you don’t have an Iphone or a benz and you dare approach me, I will not answer you.” “Go and look for money. Don’t get married to someone’s daughter when you don’t have money.”

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Legislation passed by the House of Lords, part of the UK parliament, means that international students will be able to opt for two-year degree courses for the first time. The shorter study time of two-year degrees means that students will save on average 20% on tuition fees, compared to a traditional three-year undergraduate programme.

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