Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Finding scholarship opportunities can be challenging in its own right,
but when your student also has to dodge scholarship scams, it is even more daunting.

Some companies use fake scholarship applications to collect people’s personal data and sell it to third parties.
Others gather information that allows them to steal the identity of anyone who applies.
Some even charge students to apply and then don’t award scholarships, allowing them to take off with the money.

Ultimately, the scholarship landscape can feel like a minefield.
However, by learning what makes opportunities legitimate and what warning signs are present with scholarship scams,
your student can avoid less than scrupulous attempts to take their personal information.

If you want to make sure your student avoids scholarship scams, here’s what you need to know.

1 How Do You Find Legitimate Scholarships?
2 How Do You Spot Scholarship Scams?
3 What Happens If You Fall for a Scholarship Scam?
4 What Should You Do If You Fall for a Scholarship Scam?
5 Is Scholarship Owl Legit?
6 Is Scholarship Points Legit?
7 Is Scholarship Detective Legit?
8 Is the College Is Power Scholarship Legit?
9 Is the Return 2 College Scholarship Legit?
10 Is the Scholarship Zone Scholarship Legit?

10.1 Does That Mean Sweepstakes Are Scams?

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