Wednesday, April 17, 2019

UK government encourages universities to offer more two-year degree courses

The UK government has encouraged universities to offer more two-year fast track degree courses to students.

A select number of universities already offer two-year degree courses, but under the new plan revealed by the Department of Education, students will pay an average of £5,500 less on tuition than students enrolling on traditional three-year undergraduate programmes. UK universities have already stated that that shorter degrees provide the same qualification, with the same amount of teaching. Two year degrees will see students taught for 45 weeks per year, instead of the usual 30.

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Universities minister Sam Gyimah said: "Accelerated degrees not only make it possible for the next generation of students to access higher education and the undeniable financial, academic and personal benefits it has to offer but drives the sector to offer dynamic choices that serve students' needs."

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