Sunday, April 21, 2019

UK Government confirms EU students to pay same fees for 2019 academic year

The UK Government has confirmed that EU students will continue to pay the same fees as UK students for the 2019 academic year, allaying ongoing Brexit fears.

In a statement, the UK Education secretary Damian Hinds said: “Students from the EU make an important contribution to the universities sector and it is a testament to our system that so many students from abroad choose to come and study here.”

It is welcoming news for the 135,000 EU students who currently study in the UK, and those who are considering applying to a UK university can with the confidence that they will not have to pay up-front tuition fees and will remain eligible to receive government-backed loans to cover their tuition for the duration of their courses.

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The 2018 Natwest Student Living Index has named Hull as the most cost-effective city in the UK for students.

Natwest surveyed 3419 students across 35 of the most popular UK university cities and rated each location on essentials such as groceries, rent and living expenses. Students in Hull have the lowest Student Living Index, meaning money goes a whole lot further in the city, with lower rents on average than anywhere else in England - and the cheapest nights out.

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